SwordTember 2023

When I first heard about Swordtember I had to join.
I’m creating all the swords in 3D, obviously i’m using Blender! 🙂
#Swordtember idea concept created by Faith Schaffer is a month-long drawing challenge that takes place in September. A different prompt for each day of September / Swordtember.

Twitter / “X” prompt list for 2023.


In my inaugural 3D render, I conjured the enigmatic essence of a witch’s blade, a magnificent and imposing creation that pulses with dark and mystical energy. This formidable weapon is as wide as it is foreboding, its edges honed to perfection and adorned with a mesmerizing array of intricate magic runes that seem to dance and writhe with arcane power. At its hilt, a magik pentagram, a symbol of ancient and potent enchantments — no doubt that this otherworldly artifact is a conduit to the supernatural.


Glamdring (Gandalf’s sword)

Gandalf the Grey’s sword, known as Glamdring, is a legendary weapon of great significance in J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy world. Described in the books as “a long, shiny silver blade,” Glamdring possesses an aura of wisdom and power that befits its wielder, the wise wizard Gandalf. When held aloft, Glamdring gleams with an otherworldly radiance, casting a shimmering light that dispels darkness.


In my latest 3D render, I’ve crafted a striking representation of a rogue’s trusty weapon—a slender, deceptively unassuming blade that embodies the essence of agility and guile. With a quicksilver gleam, this sword features a handguard designed for both protection and dexterity, allowing its wielder to parry and riposte with unparalleled finesse. The blade’s unique hook end, reminiscent of a pirate’s cutlass, adds an air of mystery and intrigue, perfect for a rogue whose skills are as sharp as their blade. Its nimble design belies its true potency, as it is a tool of both offense and evasion, ideal for slipping through the shadows and striking swiftly when least expected. This 3D rendering captures the essence of the rogue’s persona—quick, adaptable, and always ready to turn the tide in their favor with a blade that’s as unassuming as it is deadly.


It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron. – Description of the Dragon Slayer


Knight Errant



Hunt Leader