Online Casino Identity Video – 2022

Online casino identity video crafted for global premium online casino brand. 

The 3D brand identity video would later be used to promote the brand everywhere and be included in live feed celebrations during the parent company’s corporate listing on the NYSE. A online casino brand part of Spin, SuperGroup (SGHC).

Leveraging supplied game artwork from Game Studios and Live Dealer video footage, a 3D fly-through identity sting was created.  

Software used

3D Software: Blender 3D
Sound design: Adobe Audition
Animation: Blender 3D + Adobe After Effects
Render Engine: Eevee
Compositing: Adobe After Effects

Solid flat renders of a few cameras from the scene

Animated billboards

Made in Adobe After Effects
with game assets supplied by the game studio

Generic Bingo animation

3D bingo ball clip made in Blender #B3D

Generic slots animations

Made in Adobe After Effects

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