Dragon Milk – Character illustration, Branding and 3D Visualization

A personal project using a variety of software to create a fictional milkshake brand. Character design, Logo design, label design, 3d visualization for promotional artwork.

Thinking about the brand mascot I decided a cute manga sort of dragon character would work well to create appeal to a wide audience. That brought about the name for the product “Dragon Milk”. I figured a good name for the character would also encompass what the product actually is – (flavoured milk).

Being a milk product – incorporating that into the name “Milko” just made sense. To further push the idea that it’s a small, cute dragon and not some monstrous beast I made sure to give it some “baby/milk teeth” and the typical soft round eyes seen in Pokémon and other Manga. To differentiate it a bit I gave him glasses, that could also be extended to promote the health benefits of drinking milk in developing minds, ie it is a clever dragon…

Character Illustration – “Milko”

Starting with a rough concept character sketch
in Adobe Photoshop (above)

Redrawn with vector curves and painted in Adobe Illustrator

Logo design and label design for flavour variety in Adobe Illustrator

3D Product renders created in Blender 3.6