3D Casino Assets & motion graphics

Custom made 3D casino assets for various online casinos, and a few bits of motion graphics.

I created a lot of motion graphics along with my fellow colleagues in the Rich Media team within the larger Creative Studio group. A large portion of my work was building out assets for the studio.

A large assortment of 3D assets were rendered at various angles, and used in a variety of artwork, both inside the casino websites (logged in state) and outside, on the web and IRL for promotion.

Items like chips, coins, slot machines, playing cards, dice, gambling tables, roulette wheels, slot reels, interior 3D visualizations etc. 

In most cases they were designed with motion in mind so items like casino chips, coins and roulette wheels could easily spin continuously.

Chips, coins and dice were made with spinning rotation motion, to rendered out still frames of the object at multiple angles.
These were used for quick placement in landing pages, website header artwork, banners, promotional emailers, and even print artwork.

Animated versions of assets were used in YouTube videos, lower thirds animation, casino login pre-loaders / spinners, animated website headers, brand idents and more.

In some cases where print assets were required larger artwork was rendered for vehicle branding, billboards, and brochures.

Images below are optimized and reduced for showcase purposes only.
Much larger images were produced for Creative Studio use.

Below is a sample of some of the work created.

Programs used:
Blender 3D, Cinema4D, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, illustrator

All Jackpots Casino

All Jackpots Casino – 3D Casino chip assets

Jackpotcity Casino

Jackpotcity Casino – 3D Casino chip assets

Jackpotcity Casino video banner with 3D assets, 3d roulette asset motion and *game character (Game character provided by game studio)

Jackpotcity Casino app loading video

7Sultans Online Casino

7Sultans Online Casino – 3D chip assets

7Sultans Casino – 3D Coin assets

7Sultans animated 3D Roulette asset

7Sultans animated video banner

Exclusive Thai Casinos

Exclusive Thai Casinos – 3D casino chip assets

Spin Galaxy Casino

Spin Galaxy Casino – 3D Casino chip assets

Platinum Play Online Casino

Animated video banner with 3D asset and live dealer footage

Mummys Gold Casino

Mummys Gold Casino – 3D Casino chip assets

River Belle Casino

River Belle Casino – 3D Casino chip asset

Casino ST. Moritz

Casino ST. Moritz – 3D Casino chip asset variations in stacks

Lucky Nugget Casino

Animated 3d Roulette asset

Online Casino Cyprus

Online Casino Cyprus – 3D Casino chip assets.

My Pachinko Coins!

Kitty coins for My Pachinko – a PPC page in Japan

Prince Edward Island Casino

Prince Edward Island Casino – 3D Casino chip assets

Static versions of game type images for UI.

Legal image generic Gavel and block scene

Animated 3D reels built in Blender

Generic 3D Casino assets – Quebec

Casino assets for a PPC page in Canada – Quebec

Bespoke branded casino assets for a PPC page in Canada – Quebec

Must Win Jackpots – 3D assets + scenes

Must Win Jackpots – 3D Branded Coins

Must Win Jackpots – 3D scenes.

Gaming Club Casino

Custom 3D roulette wheel motion graphics asset

Animated video banner with 3D asset and live dealer footage

Newfoundland Online Casino

3D scene renders used in web design for different game types.

Reduced header background video – 3D fluid simulation in 3D scene.

Alberta Casinos Online

Alberta Casinos – 3D Casino chip assets

3D scene renders used in web design for different game types

Premium Sport betting brand

Global leader in Sports Betting – (huge) renders before branding.
Custom texturing for the brand and the market they went into.
Wasn’t used in the end so these are without logos on.