Low effort AI Art*

Content under the AI tab are not to be confused with my artwork on other pages of this website. AI generated works will always be in a separate gallery. I explored this to see for myself, as an “early adopter” of technology.

I don’t condone the use of AI art in production.

Back in March 2023 when the AI art conversation online was really heating up, I decided to test out Dream AI by Womble on my phone.
Figured I would test it again as there have been a bunch of updates to their systems with variety of “styles” models to choose from.

There was a bunch of noise about how being a “prompt engineer” or having some insight into how to create these things with AI….

To further illustrate that the level of effort required to use these things is super low… I experimented with one prompt just changing out the famous person’s name… All this was done while lying on the couch on my phone – i.e. zero effort.

(person) surrounded by bodyguards bright lights, cgi, art, super realistic, 3d render, smoke

It’s fast and sloppy – a lot of work would be needed to airbrush and fix the mush when it comes to hands and faces…

I think AI should be used for other things – not art creation.