Bing Chatbot Image Creator

Content under the AI tab are not to be confused with my artwork on other pages of this website. AI generated works will always be in a separate gallery. I explored this to see for myself, as an “early adopter” of technology.

I don’t condone the use of AI art in production.

I really enjoy conversations with chatbots, and Bing chatbot is really fun to chat with, I did not expect it to become an AI Art producer….

I find chatbots interesting. Always had a Utopian hope for technology being a driving force for good in the world, automating labour, improving lives of everyone on the planet. Think building houses and roads, growing food, balancing resources, enhancing research speed, generating clean power, providing quality education to everyone globally….

Must have been early Star Trek influence… moving along ->

Producing AI artwork however is a problem for me as I can see it decimating the graphic design and digital art space reducing headcount at almost every position.

This Microsoft Image Creator produces pretty decent results, powered by DALL-E.

Testing New Bing Chatbot AI

Please create a hyper realistic image of a scifi robot floating through space with stars and nebulars in the background

2nd Prompt:
Please add more detail to the background stars and include a spaceship

Incredibly fast and good results – HOWEVER – if ya look at the third image produced in the second set there is text there. Clearly ripped from some source, maybe it came from the background artwork, hard to tell.

This is why it’s a problem – the artwork made by Artists & Designers are being used without consent or royalties.
(Ethically wrong)

Besides reducing the headcount at companies – effectively taking our jobs –
which is a massive concern.

Instead of an artsist or designer working on an image for a day or two...
One designer could make multiple images with AI, 
and cleanup where needed. 
(Body count / job loss is inevitable)  

I can see it being useful for inspiration – its use in production has a lot of problems especially being trained on stolen art.

It has to be said that at least when I tried to give it an unethical image creation prompt about a famous person — Bing replied with a default restriction notice about not making artwork depiciting famous people in compromising situations… Glad that was thought of.