K2 marketing (nintex) – 2007 to 2011

While working at K2 (2007-2011)
I designed a lot of corporate marketing responsible for EMEAA regions:
(Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia)

Event Booth artwork (trade show stands), email campaigns, micro-sites, architecture diagrams, animations, branded clothing, case study brochures, outdoor branding, corporate documents, Help documentation HTML + CSS , Flash animations,  business cards, splash screens, Proof of concept intranet styling, print adverts in magazines, Sales Decks / PowerPoint presentations for the various conferences around the globe.

Below is a small sample of the work done for the
Microsoft Tech-ed Africa 2010 event.

Email Campaign
( Hand coded HTML to support ancient Outlook )
Silverlight Microsite
Silverlight Microsite

In some cases where the event organisers had a 3D CAD model of the event booth — I would ask for it. Convert the 3D AutoCAD model into a format I could work with and setup the lighting, materials and cameras
(3D Studio Max ages ago) — and design the artwork for the panels that brand the booth, in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Event Booth Panel Artwork
3D Renders of the Event Booth prior to the event
3D Renders of the Event Booth prior to the event
3D Renders of the Event Booth prior to the event
Photo from the Event
Photo from the event
CD Labels


For any questions or commission requests, please email: info@danielmillroy.com or fill out the following form below.