Property24Data is a business to business product offering, leveraging the technology of WinDeed and Property24. I designed the web interface and overall brand graphics. This project went though a variety of versions and took on a few different aesthetic directions to eventually end up with how it looks now.

Innitially I worked very closely with the dev team and supplied the base skeleton for the solution. (HTML&CSS). I also supplied a jQuery source which was then extend to what became the logged in user experience.

Later I  moved onto other projects and teams while still supplying the Property24Data team (Consumer Applications) with artwork –  CSS guidance,  and the occasional slider solution (jQuery).

  • Web Design (Adobe Photoshop,)
  • Web Animation (Adobe Edge, CSS, jQuery)
  • Web skeleton (HTML, CSS3, Visual Studio)
  • Brand ID (Adobe Illustrator)

Although this solution is not a responsive web design,  what has been built is a very powerful tool that fits modern screens (1024 pixel+ which is essentially  ipad and above) .  The tool offers Real Estate Agencies the ability to the produce property reports with a huge amount of data, while also enabling them to brand them as well as the interface with their Agencies look and feel.  There really is a massive amount of data that can be accessed with this tool, Sales trends, Sales history, property size etc (more data than anyone could ever really need. #everything) The data solution behind this architecture is intense.

Property24DataProperty24Data interface

Live link: Property24Data