WinDeed Websites

WinDeed Marketing site:

The WinDeed Marketing site was originally outsourced to another company to design it a year before I joined Korbitec.
The design was then passed on to another company to do the development. The result of all this outsourcing was a solution that needed a lot of TLC.

I updated / re-coded and re-designed this entire site.
Then I made it responsive, and added videos (which I edited and comped in After Effects).
The solution was then secured and SEO’d. Visitor tracking was added.


  • Database driven
  • Responsive mobile friendly web design
  • Video enabled
  • Social network integration
  • Video enabled
  • HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO


Live link: WinDeed marketing site


WinDeed Registration site:

The WinDeed Registration site was built from scratch by the WinDeed Dev team.
This solution is also responsive and designed to flow seamlessly from the marketing site.



The Spider:

The Spider enables seeing connections between businesses and individuals and properties.
Deep data mining on huge volumes of data. The UI shows the links from a high level that could then be drilled down into more detail. Using the concept of a “web” we developed a mind-map of sorts that scales using CSS. Items snap to the 45 degree with many layers being expandable. Sliding side panels on the UI enable data to be exposed when required so as not to bog down the navigation.












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