Lucky Nugget Casino Identity Video

Scene built from scratch in Cinema 4D. Rail way tracks were built on splines using a very handy railroad rig. The main spline was then duplicated to be used by the mine-cart and main chase camera. Rigid body dynamics were used on nuggets being carried by the mine cart.

Cinema 4D screenshot: Perspective / Top / Left / Front views

Cinema 4D screenshot: Chase camera in the open cavern

Cinema 4D screenshot: Chase Camera following nugget and gem particles

Cinema 4D screenshot: 3 Quarter view of the mine-cart in the cavern

Cinema 4D screenshot: Chase Camera in the tunnel

Cinema 4D render: Logo texture details

Cinema 4D render: Main camera pulling focus on logo. Reflections with ambient occlusion.

Cinema 4D render: Golden nuggets colliding with the logo and floor surface.


Link to online casino here:

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