K2 at Microsoft tech-ed 2010 Africa

While working at K2 I designed a lot of booth artwork for the various conferences around the globe. In some cases where the event organisers / stand construction companies had a 3D CAD model — I would ask for it. I converted the 3d AutoCAD model into a format I could work with and setup the lighting, materials and cameras. I then created the artwork in Adobe Illustrator.


K2 booth / stand panel artwork for Microsoft tech-ed Africa 2010


K2 booth / stand at Microsoft tech-ed 2010 Africa (3D renders) K2teched2010-Booth2 K2teched2010-Booth3 K2teched2010-Booth4


K2 booth / stand at Microsoft tech-ed 2010 Africa (photos)



K2 microsite built in Microsoft Expression Blend
and Visual Studio (Silverlight)  K2teched2010-MicroSite2


K2 event emailer