While working at Korbitec (2012-2014)
the Primary Brand that I was responsible for was WinDeed.

WinDeed Marketing Site:

The WinDeed Marketing site was originally outsourced to a company to design it a year before I joined Korbitec… The design was then passed on to another company to do the development. The result of all this outsourcing was a solution that needed a lot of TLC.

I updated / re-coded and re-designed this site – made it responsive, and added videos (which I edited and comped in After Effects). The solution was then secured and SEO’d. Visitor tracking was added.

One of the biggest changes besides making it responsive was to ensure that navigation and all content was truly dynamically with data being supplied from the Database.

Database driven
Responsive mobile friendly web design
Video enabled
Social network integration
Video enabled
Google Analytics

WinDeed Marketing Site – Training Videos
WinDeed Training Intro Sequence
WinDeed Registration Site

I designed the WinDeed Registration site to be a seamless jump from the Marketing site. I supplied the early web skeleton and worked on the responsive CSS. This solution is completely different from the Marketing site but doesn’t confuse users as it is very similar aesthetically.

The WinDeed Dev team did a truly amazing job with this site as it is not only adaptive, but has awesome state management and smart user intuitive features.

WinDeed Registration Site – Landing Page
WinDeed Facebook Header
WinDeed Linkedin Header
WinDeed on Twitter
Outdoor branding ( Pop Up)
Outdoor Branding – Pull up
WinDeed Corporate Folder (Outside)
WinDeed corporate Folder
(Outside cover & Inside Fold)
Email Campaign ( Hand coded HTML / legacy proof )
Email Campaign ( Hand coded HTML / legacy proof )
WinDeed Search – Notification Popup (In App campaign)

Below some unused designs

Unused Print branding – Roll-up
Unused Print branding – Roll-up
Unused WinDeed Roll-up