About me

I’m a multi disciplinary designer, living in Cape Town, South Africa.
One part tech and two parts creative, I excel at figuring things out so they function and look polished.

Currently a Full-time Senior Creative in a large Creative Studio, part of a Rich-Media team. Designing, Modelling, Animating, Texturing, Lighting, basic Rigging, Dynamic 3D simulations, Rendering, Compositing, Editing footage, sound editing & visual effects.

I started my career ~20 years ago in Johannesburg focusing on print and web design with the odd flash animation. From redrawing logos in freehand, plotting brochures in Quark, photo retouching and re-pro work and webdesign in Photoshop, to front-end web development in Visual Studio and Dreamweaver, to TV adverts in After Effects, engineering/construction and patient diagrams in 3D.

I studied 3D Animation + Multimedia in 2001.

(3DMax3 , Flash5 , Photoshop 5 , Premier, Freehand, Java, Director) – Since then the tools have changed a lot but the passion is still strong. My 3D journey has gone from 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Vue, Maya, Cinema4D and now to Blender. I am officially hooked on Blender. 🙂