Hi 🙂

I’m a multidisciplinary designer (Digital Creative #generalist) originally from Johannesburg, now living in Cape Town, South Africa. One part tech and two parts creative, I excel at figuring things out so they function and look pretty.

It all started when I was given a computer at the tender age of 5 back in the 80’s.  I was instantly hooked. Years later I studied 3D Animation and Multimedia at Damelin. My thirst for knowledge was not quenched (never is) and so studied further at Vega Brand school.


Seriously passionate about design, with over a decade of experience, having worked for both large corporations and sme’s. Always striving to build beautiful things, whether it be:
UI for websites or applications, 3D Trade Show booth design (3D renders), corporate identities (graphic design), animated logo intros + product videos (motion design).


Skilled in translating briefs to deliver outstanding digital products and solutions.

Creative and Digital skills
• Graphics – Creative direction, Design, CI, 3D Animation, typography
• Web/CMS – WordPress, Responsive HTML (W3C) / CSS, PHP, site optimisation, SEO
• User Experience – Front-end interface design, process flow diagrams
• Information Architecture – Schematics, UX Design, Wireframes
• Animation – 3D (Cinema4d), 2D (Adobe After Effects), Premier, Flash and (CSS3)
• Software – Adobe Creative Suite, Maxon Cinema 4D, and an array of other applications.


Constantly pushing myself to learn more applications and techniques I have started rendering 3D projects everyday. Daily updates can be found on my Instagram account.




Creative Quality Control (CQC)

Effective quality control is important for companies or individuals who strive to look their best. Having worked with multiple creative departments over the years, I have developed a super keen eye for detail. Not sure a piece of artwork or branding is at its best yet? Why not get in contact with me to give it a look over.


There are bound to be ways to improve the design, from colour to composition to overall execution. A detailed report of my findings and recommendations on how to improve the piece will be supplied.


CQC is provided on web design (UX&UI), print design, packaging, video teasers, explainer videos, motion etc.
(web / print / video) – QC

Motion Design

Video promotions have really kicked off in recent years, potential customers would much rather watch and listen than read. I get the irony of me writing this. I offer promotional product or service  explainer videos, social media adverts (Facebook,Twitter,YouTube, Instagram), logo intros, corporate video editing, 2D or 3D presentation animations etc. It has to have some motion to grab attention, whether its 2D or 3D — I’m your creative resource.


Motion design is all about timing. Viewers notice if something animates in too late or too soon. Weather it be a wiggle or a shake, a wipe or a fade
— the timing has to be right.


** I don’t capture footage via a camera (videography) –
I create CGI (computer generated).**
If there is footage available to use I can edit footage and composite it no problem.

Graphic Design

Logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, invitations, labels, covers, email signatures, social media adverts/posts & header artwork:
(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram).


Corporate Identity brand bibles — which may include:
logo setups, motifs, typography guidelines, stock photography guidelines, colour usage (primary, complimentary, accents), advert layout examples, letterheads, email signatures etc.


Over the years I have designed all these things — so if there is some static artwork required, or you’re considering a whole brand development exercise get in touch.


Daniel definitely has a passion for his career, and showed an unrivaled excellence when it came to his quality of work and his dedication to getting the job done.


Peter Lister Kirk – Infrastructure Security Manager

“I would like to highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking for a creative and talented designer. His creative flair combined with some excellent technical skills using the latest technologies has really assisted our company in developing some really great and visually appealing software. Daniel has consistently managed to transform our business idea’s into remarkable visualisations. We look forward to working with Daniel well into the future.”


“Daniel is an outstanding designer with a passion for learning new technologies, and delivering superior work. I truly enjoy working with Daniel, because I know he always aims at perfection, but has outstanding organization skills allowing to keep projects on time and under budget.”


“Daniel has an amazing talent. He is a dedicated person with an eye for detail. You can always depend on Daniel to deliver the best quality work, and in record time. Daniel is always ready to assist and will go out of his way to help out.”

SEAN VAN DER WESTHUIZEN – Solution Consultant

“Daniel is an extremely talented and competent designer and always gives a 110% to any task he has to complete. You can always count on Daniel to produce work that exceeds expectations and is of a very high standard.”

DEREK WATERSTON – Technical Specialist

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